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Kanazawa Pride Week 2021 

About Volunteer Staff

We are looking for volunteer staff who can help "Kanazawa Pride Week 2021" from September 23rd to 26th 2021.

Please read the content below and register.

◆Terms and Conditions

① We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who support activities of "Kanazawa Pride Week 2021" and "Kanazawa Pride Parade 2021". If you agree with the following terms and conditions as stated, we would like to encourage you to complete this application.

② Follow the rules and regulations of the premises and the guideline for preventing the spread of COVID-19  infection.

③ All volunteers between ages 15 and 17 years(Volunteers under age 18)must have parent's or guardian's parental consent form.

④ Volunteer who would like to undertake volunteer activity for a day from either 23rd to 26th. (Volunteers will be required to assist for at least a full day approximately eight hours including rest breaks and standby times)

※ Volunteer activities without monetary recompense . Please note transportation expenses are not provided. 

※ Those who apply for volunteer staff are required to attend volunteer staff meetings either on 20th or 21st August. Online is available. (Further details will be announced)

※ Basic personal details is required; such as your name, address, and contacts. We will sign you up for volunteer liability insurance. All personal information will remain strictly confidential.

※This event offers volunteer insurance.

◆Other info

We are looking for more people to join our last day of our Kanazawa Pride Week 2021 event on 26th September. We will need more volunteers to participate especially for the Kanazawa Pride Parade 2021, the very first parade walk in Hokuriku. We are willing to accept volunteer to join in together with family members, friends, and coworkers!  

We would be grateful if any experienced volunteers, volunteers with foreign language skills or sign language interpreters to join us. This is not a strict requirement but you are most welcomed.

The Volunteer Department is setting up plans to hold different tasks and other interesting programs for volunteers with your preferred category. When specific plans are set up, we will notify you via email. We will contact you with the e-mail address you provided regarding with the future schedule arrangement.

Event is planning to provide small gifts for volunteer as a souvenir. Volunteer staff each can get our goodies with Kanazawa Pride Week 2021 original sticker, 2021 limited wristbands and and Pride flag!!

Team and its role 

Access team: Support for building the environment that everyone can join our events. For example, reception and 会場やイベントの総合案内や迷子への対応など、全ての人にとって参加しやすい環境づくりを担していただきます。

Banner team: setting banners for each booth such as reception and goods selling booths, and guiding participants with hand-held banners.


Parade team: Reception for the parade. In charge of ensuring the parade is held smoothly and safe. (Only 26th)


Product sales team: selling goods and beverages. (Math skill required)


Stage team: Check-in support for the guests and performers. Setup and takedown of the stage.

Medical support team: treating those who feel sick(Some medical knowledge and experiences required)

Drivers for parade float: Driving float parade with performers and speakers on. (First-grade drivers license required) パレード先導車運転担当チーム:スピーカーとパフォーマーを乗せたパレード先導車を運転していただきます。(第一種普通運転免許保持者)(26日のみ募集)

Transportation team: transporting goods, beverages and flyers to the venue. (First-grade drivers license required) 運送チーム:グッズや飲料、フライヤーなどを会場まで運んでいただきます。(第一種普通免許保持者)

Photo team: Taking photos of our events on 23rd and 26th.

※Applicants will have an interview and be asked to submit portfolios to show their skills. 

All photos taken by the photo team members belong to Kanazawa Rainbow Pride. 




Let's celebrate together!