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Hokuriku's 1st
Pride Parade
In Kanazawa

We are proud to announce Kanazawa Rainbow Pride will be hosting

the 1st Hokuriku's Pride week "Kanazawa Pride Week 2021"


Join us for 4 days of engaging and empowering events that begin on

September 23rd (Thursday) and end with a community PRIDE MARCH & CELEBRATION  "Kanazawa Pride Parade 2021"on -26th (Sunday). 

We will planning various events and looking forward for you to join us!


Thank you for giving us your support!

Together, we have it all

In recent years, there have been various difficult social situations, regardless of the challenges and stress, we strive and makes it all worth by embracing the next-level Inclusion for LGBTQ+. 

Let’s celebrate diversity and inclusion, to make Kanazawa a friendly city where a better

equality in Peace and Happiness is achieved and no one is left behind.


To more people through this crowdfunding project, we hope to validate the idea with the audience we had built up at this time. We aim to create a town that is easy to visit and friendly with love and support.

By taking these steps, we can show LGBTQ+ community that we care and that they are welcome and

safe with us. 

We are asking for your support and together we can make this dream come true.

Please support, Let's create a wonderful society together.


Thank you!