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Kanazawa Rainbow Tea Gathering 






◼Event Overview 

Date: October 8th (Sunday), 9:30 AM - 12:40 PM

Location: Ohki Museum of Fine Arts - Ohki Family Tearoom


This event is by invitation only and is not open to the general public. Following a guided tour of the Ohki Museum of Fine Arts, presided over by the eleventh-generation Mr. Ohki Chosaburo, and an exploration of the gallery designed by the architect Kengo Kuma, we will host a tea gathering in the Ohki Family Tearoom. This event allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the tea ceremony in Kanazawa, one of the locations where the "Three Great Tea Gatherings of Japan" are held, while also learning about the history of Kanazawa's traditional craft, Ohki-yaki. Experience the diversity of Kanazawa's proud culture.


Hosts: Mr. Ohki Chosaburo (eleventh-generation) and Kanazawa Rainbow Pride members

Guests: Parade participants, Governor, Mayor, and mainly individuals from outside the prefecture (by invitation).

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