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MISIAの森 レインボー展示

"MISIA Forest" Rainbow Exhibition

@石川県森林公園 MISIAの森


会場:石川県森林公園 MISIAの森(929-0323 石川県河北郡津幡町津幡14)




This is a project to expand the opportunity for children to think about the future that is easier to live in through Arts. Various colorful identity flags that symbolize sexual diversity, such as LGBTQ + pride flags and transgender flags and exhibit photos with messages in "MISIA Forest".


Take a time off and walk into the nature, at the same time, ponder into some new thoughts where you can discover various ways of life moment with your love ones and friends.


◼Time: September 16, 2021(Friday) ~ September 19, 2022(Monday)

9:00 - 17:00​

◼Venue: MISIAの森 at Ishikawa Forest Park - (Kamo, Tsubata, Kahoku District, Ishikawa 929-0321)

◼ Capacity: Free viewing

◼ Entry Fee: Free

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